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Eddesands – A Visual Journey Redefining Hospitality

Eddesands - A Visual Journey Redefining Hospitality Eddesands - A Visual Journey Redefining Hospitality


Nestled in the embrace of the 7000-year-old Citadel of Byblos, Eddesands hotel & wellness resort stands as a beacon of style, modernity, and charm. A beachfront haven offering spa and wellness, event venues, exquisite dining, accommodations, and more, Eddesands approached our full-service digital agency to enhance its online presence and showcase the resort’s allure.

Creative – Development – Marketing

The Challenges

Eddesands, with its unique surroundings, sought to translate the essence of its hospitality into a digital experience. The challenge was to capture the resort’s diverse offerings comprehensively, from luxurious accommodations to event venues and spa facilities. The goal was not just to display but to narrate a captivating story for each facet of the resort.

Our Strategy – Visual Storytelling

Embarking on an immersive journey, our team orchestrated multiple photoshoots and videoshoots. The aim was to encapsulate the entirety of Eddesands, bringing to life the beauty of its architecture, interiors, and scenic surroundings. Each visual element was carefully curated to tell a compelling story for every aspect of the resort.

Website Design & Development

Our meticulous approach extended to the digital realm with a full website design and development project. The focus was on creating a seamless booking experience while showcasing Eddesands in all its splendor. The website became a virtual gateway, inviting visitors to explore the resort’s offerings through an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface.

Social Media Marketing

With a primary focus on Instagram and Facebook, our social media marketing strategy aimed to bring the resort’s aesthetic to life online. Through carefully curated content, we highlighted the beauty and various offerings of Eddesands, fostering a digital presence that mirrored the luxury and allure of the physical experience.

The Impact

The transformation was profound. Eddesands witnessed a surge in online engagement, with the visual storytelling resonating deeply with the audience. The website became not just a booking platform but a portal for virtual exploration, enticing potential guests with the promise of an extraordinary stay. Social media channels flourished with a beautiful aesthetic, capturing the attention of discerning travelers seeking a luxurious escape.

What’s Next?

As Eddesands continues to be a beacon of luxury hospitality, our ongoing mission is to elevate the digital experience further. We aim to expand the reach, continually update the narrative, and ensure that the online representation remains as captivating and alluring as the resort itself.