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HEA Ventures: Transforming MENA’s VC Landscape

HEA Ventures: Transforming MENA's VC Landscape HEA Ventures: Transforming MENA's VC Landscape


“HEA Ventures,” born from the visionary legacy of Human Engineering Advisory Global (HEA Global), marks the next chapter in innovation. From comprehensive branding that seamlessly integrates within the HEA family to a sleek, animated website design, our agency played a crucial role in shaping HEA Ventures’ unique identity.

Creative – Development

The Challenges

In the evolving landscape of venture capital, HEA Ventures faced the challenge of establishing a distinct identity aligned with its innovative venture-building approach. The need was to create a cohesive brand architecture under the HEA umbrella while ensuring HEA Ventures had a unique aesthetic. Additionally, the website demanded a design that not only showcased the VC’s sleek profile but also mirrored the minimal yet animated spirit of their operations.


Our solution encompassed a comprehensive branding strategy, ensuring HEA Ventures seamlessly fit into the broader HEA brand architecture while possessing a unique visual identity. Through a close collaborative approach, we crafted a full brand package, including a distinctive logo, company collateral, a pitch deck, and a project proposal template. The result was a harmonious yet distinct brand aesthetic that resonated with their ethos of continuous growth and transformative evolution.

Website Design & Development

For the website design and development, our focus was on a minimal yet animated approach that reflects the sleek sophistication of HEA Ventures. We created an online platform that not only serves as an informative hub but also captures the essence of their venture-building prowess. The website showcases their investment philosophy, acceleration programs, and commitment to impactful innovation in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner.


The impact of our collaboration with HEA Ventures is twofold. The comprehensive branding strategy seamlessly integrated the venture arm into the HEA family, establishing a unique visual identity. The website, embodying the essence of minimalism and animation, not only serves as a sleek informational portal but also amplifies HEA Ventures’ position as co-creators in the innovation ecosystem. With a harmonious brand and a sophisticated online presence, HEA Ventures is empowered to drive human-centric innovation and make a lasting impact on the MENA region’s dynamic landscape.