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Qualified Crew: Revolutionizing Mass Recruitment in MENA & GCC

Qualified Crew: Revolutionizing Mass Recruitment in MENA & GCC Qualified Crew: Revolutionizing Mass Recruitment in MENA & GCC


Embarking on a mission to reshape the recruitment landscape in the MENA & GCC region, Qualified Crew stands as a dynamic and innovative AI-driven platform committed to ethics, transparency, and efficiency. As their strategic partners, our agency played a pivotal role in not just crafting their brand strategy and identity but also designing a landing page that amplifies their commitment to revolutionizing the hiring process.

Creative – Marketing

The Challenges

Qualified Crew faced the challenge of establishing a strong brand identity that reflects their values and purpose, and simultaneously, a need for a captivating landing page that communicates their innovation and commitment to ethical recruitment. The goal was to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities while conveying their brand promise to both job seekers and businesses.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Our agency delved deep into developing a comprehensive brand strategy for Qualified Crew. From defining their purpose, values, target audience, and brand personality to crafting a resonant brand voice, our approach centered on merging ethics and innovation. The blue color scheme was chosen to symbolize transparency, reliability, and trust, aligning seamlessly with their commitment to revolutionizing recruitment ethics. The result is not just a visual identity but a powerful promise that echoes Qualified Crew’s dedication to creating a brighter, more inclusive future for job seekers and businesses alike.

Landing Page Design

Simultaneously, we translated the essence of Qualified Crew’s brand strategy into a captivating landing page design. The landing page serves as a digital gateway, welcoming businesses and job seekers with an immersive experience. The design not only communicates the platform’s innovative approach but also guides users seamlessly through the recruitment process, showcasing the platform’s unique blend of ethics and efficiency.

The Impact

The impact of our collaboration is evident in the transformative branding and landing page design that has elevated Qualified Crew’s position in the industry. The brand strategy resonates with their target audience, fostering trust and reliability, while the landing page effectively communicates their innovation and commitment to ethical recruitment. Together, these elements position Qualified Crew as a trailblazer, revolutionizing mass recruitment in the MENA & GCC region, and paving the way for a brighter, more ethical future in the hiring landscape.