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MD Group – Transforming Clinical Trials


Client Overview

MD Group is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the healthcare and clinical trial space. Their mission is to enhance patient experiences throughout the clinical journey by leveraging cutting-edge care management tools and technologies. MD Group’s services encompass personalized patient and caregiver support, mobile health solutions, decentralized trial visits, site analysis, travel logistics, expense reimbursement, and clinical trial meetings management.

Creative – Marketing – Development

The Challenges

MD Group, in its commitment to delivering remarkable patient support, sought development support to upgrade their digital platform and care management tools. They needed a technology partner to help them achieve their business objectives.

Our Solution

MD Group collaborated with our agency in partnership with the Lebanese Tech Alliance (LTA) to address these challenges. We provided comprehensive development and tech solutions to revamp their digital platform and care management tools.

Our Approach

  • Retainer Project: We engaged in a retainer project, demonstrating our long-term commitment to MD Group’s development needs.
  • Cross-Functional Team: A dedicated team of developers from our agency worked collaboratively with MD Group’s in-house team and LTA.
  • Agile Methodology: We adopted an agile approach with sprint planning, facilitating flexibility and adaptability throughout the project.
  • Integrated Teams: Our team seamlessly integrated with MD Group’s, fostering a collaborative and cohesive working environment.
  • Technology Stack: Leveraging a diverse tech stack, including Symphony, Laravel, Typescript, React, NodeJs, and DevOPS (CICD Pipeline), we ensured the scalability and efficiency of MD Group’s digital platform.

What’s Next?

MD Group’s collaboration with Abiroot and the Lebanese Tech Alliance has yielded remarkable results, revolutionizing patient experiences in clinical trials through technology. By embracing cutting-edge development support and adopting an agile approach, MD Group continues to put patients first, ensuring that every stage of the clinical journey is truly remarkable. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in this transformative journey.